Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Love Like You Need...

Every human in this world has the undeniable desire for true love, real love, pure love. The ability to have someone love them unconditionally, for all of their beautiful flaws and mistakes. 

Finding someone who understands the music of your heart, the places you have been, who you want to be, the places you go in your mind, the unforeseeable and ever-changing adventures we all live - finding someone who finds all of this beautiful and loves you regardless is just about as peaceful as the sun's rays reaching your face after many days of clouds and darkness

Finding someone that is content in sitting in silence with you. Silence brings fear to most, but to those in love- it brings passion, understanding, and peace. Holds your hand. Searches for your touch under the sheets as you sleep- just so you can be connected in the hours of rest. Smiles just knowing that you are breathing. Watches you from afar admiring your soul within your shell. 

Someone that knows your journey, your story, and loves you even more for where you have been and wants to be a part of where you go!

It sounds pretty easy to do, but is it?

Love scares so many people. I know it scares me. It opens you up, makes you vulnerable because you are sharing a piece of you that is often hidden in the depths of your soul. Is that not scary? Having someone see all of your light as well as all of your dark? But when you strip away the fear that is always holding us back from the light, the truth, the beauty of life- you can find the ultimate gift- love! 

How does one strip away the fear so they can embark on journey of love?

As if there were perfect guidelines on how to love… If there were, I'd be a millionaire… All I can honestly say through numerous trials and tribulations, is to: 

Love yourself.
If you do not love yourself first, no one else will…Fall in love with yourself…You are worthy of love. You are worthy of happiness. You are worthy of a life filled with laughter and joy!

Be open & honest.
Speak your mind, your heart, your soul…Have no restraints to your feelings…Those restraints are caused by fear! There is no need for fear in regards to love… Which leads to…

Be wild. 
Love like there is no tomorrow…Love as though it is all you know to do…Let it capture your mind, your soul, every molecule within your being- let that be what drives you through your day…

Be free. 
Love like there are no boundaries…Have no reservations. No ego. Be YOU!…Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Do not be afraid to be rejected. LIVE! LOVE! You are only given a short amount of time on this Earth…so embrace every moment of your life loving what makes your soul sing! 


  1. Your light brought some sunshine into my morn. AND DANCE LIKE NOBODY IS WATCHING!