Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Be grateful...

Yesterday was my birthday. Another year older, but I still feel as though I am 17 :)  I personally like to make "resolutions" on my birthday, because to me, that is the beginning of a new year for myself. So one of my "resolutions" is to start each day with a grateful heart! Meditate on what it is I have and to be thankful for all that I have, all that I have lost, and all that may come my way. I plan to sit with these thoughts every morning. It is a humbling act that can remind you of all the positive in your life, stripping away the negative. Those negative thoughts/feelings/etc you have, they can be turned to the positive. For example, you are having conflict with your significant other- take that and turn it to the positive, you have love- you have loved- you feel…ultimately, you are alive! These gratitude meditations can also teach you to be thankful for all those in your life. Everyone you meet is there to teach you something. So take the time to understand and be thankful for all that they are teaching you and bringing to you, each day you spend with them. I hope to personally gain from my gratitude mediations a sense of calm over the events I cannot control and understand that if you plan anything, plan for change! And to be grateful for the experience and any feelings that came from it, because life is a never ending lesson of learning!

So each morning, set your intentions for the day, focus on all that you are grateful for, and watch the transformation in your life! It's bound to be a beautiful journey!

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